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Lo-Fi for Moz


All Apologies, for being soooo late! Firefox 1.0 port and Improved Mozilla 1.7 and Netscape 7.2 / 7.2 version, with Home Button support are available. Good Job! Volker and Jens!



Lo-Fi theme is a simplified version of the Classic theme for opensource www browser, Mozilla - a basis of Netscape 7. Designed to follow the idea of BAUHAUS in a way of GUI concepts. As most of icons are reused from past Modern skins, it still has the mood of Mozilla. Its narrow toolbar and static behavior might help if you use Mozilla on legacy PC.


Java Script and XPI install must be enabled to install the theme successfully.

Install - Lo-Fi for 1.7
* works with Mozilla 1.7.x.
Install - Lo-Fi for 1.7 (Mac OS X)
* works more friendly widh aqua widgets. Check out Lo-Fi for Mac OS X page by Tatsuo TANABE.

Install - Lo-Fi for 1.6
* works with Mozilla 1.6.
Install - Lo-Fi for 1.6 (Mac OS X)
* works more friendly widh aqua widgets.

Install - Lo-Fi for 1.5
* works with Mozilla 1.5.
Install - Lo-Fi for 1.5 (Mac OS X)
* works more friendly with aqua widgets.

Install - Lo-Fi for 1.4
* works with Mozilla 1.4.
Install - Lo-Fi for 1.4 (Mac OS X)
* works with Mozilla 1.4

Install - Lo-Fi for 1.3
* works with Mozilla 1.3 Beta/Final.
Install - Lo-Fi for 1.3 (Mac OS X)
* works more friendly with aqua widgets.

For 1.0.x / Netscape7.0x

Install - Regular Version
Install - Mini Scrollbar Version
Install - Mac Classic Version
Install - Netscape 7.0x Version
* AIM etc. not done.

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