Every thing counts but nothing compares to you.

Sometimes we may feel that we don’t have enough value for something. But the value for what?  It is just a self-made dogma, or paranoia in the hyper capitalistic scheme. In such situation,  remembering / inspiring a life in ancient age, where we’ve lived, just to live without purpose in design frees us. Every creature is unique, incomparable being.

‘Quantitive’ thing is one religion. That is not a bad idea, as we can count, that we can believe something is valuable in a quantitive way. Numbers describes countable value, that we can compare. So we can communicate in mutually common measures. That is only this, and that is not all.

‘Abstract’ thing is another religion. We cannot count in common figure but each of us can feel in each senses. What we feel  is free at all. You cannot be compared, nothing limits you.

Uncountable things are valuable, sometimes much more than countable things.






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